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Why do we do this?

Because nobody cares as much as we do.

Why We Exist

There are many ways to do technology.  But there is only one way that is in your best interest.  We focus on educating and empowering you and your people to make sound business/technology decisions.

How We’re Different

You might be able to find a technology service provider that can do one, maybe two of these, but Tech Guru is the only company that delivers on all three of these uniques.

We Are Invisible

We succeed when you don’t have to call us. Here are a few ways we handle your tech and stay out of you way:

  • Timely tech recommendations—we can’t help but come up with ideas to help you succeed!
  • Solve problems before they cause downtime—you may not even know there’s a problem, but we’ll let you know we solved it.
  • Get you setup right from the get-go—our proven Implementation process means no surprises down the road.

We Further Your Vision

We take your goals personally. However you define success, we are there with you every step of the way:

  • At quarterly tech meetings, you share your vision and we build the roadmap to get you there.
  • By simply being completely accountable for everything technology in your organization.
  • By being your technology eyes and ears, looking for helpful innovations for your business.
  • Just like you, we persist, and don’t give up on finding a solution for you even when we’re told it can’t be done.

We Are Responsive

Our clients tell us they love how responsive we are. So we’ve designed our systems around responsiveness at every level.

  • When something bites the dust, our service desk responds in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Count on us to respond to that alert when your server goes down at 2 AM.
  • We respond with helpful guidance and support when you make that huge acquisition or expansion.

Our Proven Process

The Enlightened IT Process provides a proven way to align technology with your vision.


We ask clients to have key stakeholders complete our Initial Consultation Questionnaire prior to the initial consultation.  During the meeting, we go beneath the surface and get in-sync with your vision and mission as well as core values.  We complete our onsite discovery template and by the end of the meeting, you’re getting some ideas that can help unshackle you from your IT headaches.

Road Map

During the Road Map phase, we present the ways that we can help your vision of the future become a reality utilizing proven technolgies and methodologies.


A 4-week process with brief weekly check-in calls, the Implementation phase is how we get setup for complete success in serving your organization.

Quarterly Review

We run a structured business first–technology second meeting with key stakeholders on a quarterly basis to keep technology aligned with business vision & direction.  Each quarterly review has a theme that we focus on and we proactively bring new technology recommendations to you.

Annual Review

During the Annual Review, we look out three years and provide budget guidance as well as all cover all Quarterly Review agenda items.

Our Team

At Your Service

  • Daniel Moshe

    Daniel Moshe

    CEO & Visionary

  • Micah Thor

    Micah Thor

    President & Integrator

  • Daniel Derasmo

    Daniel Derasmo

    Service Desk Manager

  • Joe Kessler

    Joe Kessler

    Service Engineer

  • Bryce Carrington

    Bryce Carrington

    Advanced Service Developer

  • Nenad Trkulja

    Nenad Trkulja

    Service Desk Analyst

  • Heath Olson

    Heath Olson

    Service Desk Analyst

  • Sam Swiden

    Sam Swiden

    Service Desk Analyst

  • Julian Smith

    Julian Smith

    Service Desk Analyst

  • Mike Bien

    Mike Bien


  • Talina Buckheister

    Talina Buckheister

    Executive Assistant to Daniel Moshe

  • Jasmine Mahomes

    Jasmine Mahomes

    Executive Assistant to Micah Thor

  • Allison Ramey

    Allison Ramey

    Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

  • Ann Shrake

    Ann Shrake

    Marketing Director

  • Zoey



  • Riddick



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Our Partners

Solution Partners

The best-in-class technology companies whose solutions we implement and integrate for our clients.

  • Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services
  • Dell desktops, notebooks & networking
  • Watchguard security appliances
  • Apple smartphones, tablets & computers
  • Comcast broadband internet
  • Samsung displays & peripherals
  • Line 1 Partners low voltage infrastructure
  • Rackspace cloud hosting
  • MozyPro online backup
  • Axcient cloud disaster recovery
  • Web Forms: Wufoo
  • QuickBooks PC accounting
  • Web Invoicing: FreshBooks
  • Payment Gateway:
  • Online & Inbound Marketing: Hubspot
  • Web Development: Windmill Design
  • IP Phones: Polycom
  • Renovo Data Services technology recycling
  • HubSpot inbound marketing software
  • US Internet data center services
  • Dropbox for Teams cloud file sharing
  • Google Apps cloud collaboration & email
  • Web Conferencing: GoToMeeting
  • Web Quotes: QuoteRoller
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