At our core, we are a caring customer service company.
We just happen to be really good with IT.

Clear, long-term IT strategy

Tech Guru Proven Process

Tightly integrated

Suite of CPA Cloud Apps

Well planned

Roll-out & Integration Plan

Solid on-going support & training

For All of Your Technology

Our Proven Process

What sets Tech Guru apart from most IT firms is our clear, long-term strategy
which we deliver in the form of Our Proven Process.

Onboarding Process


Secure network


Address concerns
How to help
Share vision

Initial Projects

Plan & pre-work
Review success

Ongoing Process

Annual Review + 3 quarterly reviews

Quarterly Business Review

Annual Business Review

On-going Process

True-up Projects

On-going Process

True-up Projects

On-going Process

True-up Projects

On-going Process

True-up Projects

Quarterly Business Review

Quarterly Business Review

How we can help you succeed


You make the business plan; we’ll make the technology plan. Our tech expertise is business and finance savvy. We’re equipped to educate and empower entrepreneurs like you. You get as much tech knowledge as you can absorb, making you feel in control, and the maximum ROI possible.

Service Desk

Our goal is to get you back to work without delay or interruption. We know you can’t work when we’re fixing your device. Whether through remote service or on site, we work around your schedule to preserve your productivity.

Our managed service desk services support every device and platform: Mac, PC, Windows and Android & iOS tablets/smart phones. We know how tech dependent you are, so we can even send a loaner to you — via courier if need be, or in your office as a standby. And when copiers, apps and connections give you fits, we also connect directly with your tech vendors to speed resolution. Speaking of response times, expect a live response during business hours. After hours, expect a call back within 60 minutes. Find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your help desk with Tech Guru.


Leave the tech projects and ongoing maintenance/support to us. Migrations. Computer rollouts. Wireless networking. Connecting multiple sites via WAN. We’re committed to quality from the initial meetings to implementation. Every project is guaranteed — if you don’t like the results, we’ll move you to an alternate platform, picking up the tab for labor. It’s all about meeting the demands of your business with zero downtime. Smooth and easy is how you like it, and that’s how we like it, too. Find out more about our IT project management services.


Go proactive for maximum productivity. Our “invisible techies” in proactive computer services keep your computer updated, virus-free and running optimally, all while you catch some Zs. By installing important updates at night, we eliminate interruptions and slowdowns. Again, we work directly with vendors to ensure your copiers, business apps and Internet remain connected during your workday. When we encounter more complex issues, we ping our Service Desk for the solution.

How to Get Started

Next Steps

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IT Focus Day

We will spend a day on‐site with your team to understand your business, the IT systems you use, and your specific needs.
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Action Proposal

We will present you with specific action steps to take, software and hardware recommendations and a plan on how to implement changes over time.
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Using The CPA Technology Success Platform, our team will help implement the new systems, migrate data, train your team, and provide support service for all your technology.

It starts with a 5-minute introduction call

Work smarter, not harder.

We are your CPA tech department