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Our Story

Most IT firms are generalists who work with all types of companies. We specifically serve accounting firms. We understand their needs and have a deep knowledge of the software they use to run their business. We understand how different tools impact their workflows.

We have been providing IT support for over 18 years, solving technology challenges for businesses nationwide. We are a technology consultant, installation specialist, and service desk all in one.

Whether you need help deciding on new technology investments or support with your current tech, we can help run a business more efficiently by improving its technology.

Tech Guru gives you the peace of mind that your tech is secure, supported, and fully utilized so that you can spend your time working to grow your business.

Core Values

  • Caring

    Making your business vision
    our vision

  • Accountable

    Owning technology
    success within your firm

  • Responsive

    Solving unexpected tech issues as quickly as possible

  • Empathetic

    Understanding the unique challenges accounting firms face

Brand Vision

We’re here as a resource for our customers, accounting firms. It’s our goal to provide quality, caring service to accountants with a gentle touch. We never want to talk down to them and we understand that technology is not always their specialty. Tech Guru started because of our ever-growing passion for technology, but we were ultimately successful because of how we treat our clients and maintain relationships.  

We’re about collaboration. That means listening, understanding what our clients’ needs are, and having the knowledge to be able to help them make a decision. They need to trust that they’ll spend less time worried about IT and MORE time growing their business.

Tech Guru is focused on creating a simpler, easier day-to-day life for our clients, as such our brand should reflect a confident, professional personality – but without being too formal. We’re here as a resource, but also to understand and empathize. We’re here for accountants when they need us, it’s our job to show them how we can help transform and maintain their technology.

Brand Voice

Tech Guru’s voice should be like an empathetic friend who’s an active listener. We’re positive, we like to collaborate, and we want to find solutions with our clients together. We never take a client for granted, which should be reflected in our values. Thank our customers, be good to them. 

We’re looking to project positivity in our copy. Be enthusiastic! That doesn’t mean fake. Above all else, we want to lend an authentic, caring tone that conveys the best parts of working with Tech Guru: our empathy, our knowledge, and ultimately our ability to do good work. 

For the most part, avoid sales language. This is about building a relationship, which ultimately will only happen through trust and authenticity. After all, we’re in this business to help people. Show them what we mean.

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