5 Signs You’ve Outgrown your Tech Person

Is your IT person holding your firm back?  

As the CPA tech department for accounting firms, we’ve observed that the months after busy season are when you might feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon when it comes to technology.  It’s safe and familiar with your go-to IT provider, but the time feels right to spread your wings.

Whether you have internal IT staff or an IT provider company, it might be time to take a look at what options exist to help you grow your firm.   See whether any of the following signs sound familiar to you.

1.Your team is growing and evolving 

A smaller IT provider will struggle to keep up as your firm starts to scale.  As your employee count grows and you bring on younger team members, they will demand better tools and more flexibility with when and where they work.   

Your firm might be doing more consulting, or adding a second or third office via acquisition.  In both cases, piles of paper no longer work as a way to manage workflows.  You need to go digital, and your current provider just isn’t equipped to help you go where you want to take your firm.   

2. Your provider is a generalist 

Is your provider advising you on CPA-specific apps and consulting strategies?  If that person is a generalist, their failure to be proactive is understandable.  An IT person serving multiple industries can’t be an expert in everything. 

3. Your internal IT person is overwhelmed 

Managing IT for a growing firm is a lot for a single person, even when he or she has a dedicated role to do just that.  Not only might multiple team members need immediate help at the same time, but adding in special projects and continuing education add up to an IT person who is at continual max capacity.  And, having all your technology eggs in one person’s basket can be a risky proposition should that person wish to change jobs or move in the future. 

4. You can’t get service 

At the far end of the spectrum, you have the IT provider who seems to specialize in poor communication.  You suffer downtime when you should be hitting deadlines, and frustration with technology becomes the norm.  If this is what your firm is experiencing, please consider looking for a new provider right away.  You deserve better. 

5. Your need a trusted partner 

You’re ready for an IT provider that puts business first and builds a technology plan to support business objectives.  One that is looking out onto the horizon and bringing recommendations and value every time you meet and helping you stay ahead of the latest security threats.   

What to do? 

The summer months are an ideal time to interview IT providers who might be better suited to meet the needs of your growing firm.  The right IT company will understand your expectations, and freely give insight on how you can improve systems with the right tools, seamlessly integrated and continuously supported.  Even if you don’t ultimately end up switching, it will be well worth your time to get a fresh set of eyes on your technology

The reason for delaying in making a change in your IT can often come down to not knowing what changes you’d like to see – and not having time to figure it out.  But an experienced provider can guide you so that you don’t waste time or money while setting your firm up for success. 

The benefits of upgrading your technology, of course, are exponential.   

  • Apps that are made specifically for streamlining CPA firms 
  • Automation to allow your staff to serve clients better 
  • Hiring software to find and retain the best talent 
  • Dashboards and other tools to drive revenue for your business 
  • The ability to consult clients on how to grow their businesses as well 

Tech Guru is the CPA Tech Department for accounting firms of 5-100 people.  We want to help you make your next busy season an all-around success.

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– Linda Haller, Partner, Axtell Haller & Slachta, LLC