6 Great Gadgets for Runners



Cool gadgets won’t make your run faster or longer. But they can help you find out how to improve your performance by tracking heart rate, pace, calories, and distance. Here are some fun products that might help your run time and improve health.

1.Garmin Forerunner 620

The Garmin FR620 has all the features of other GPS watches like tracking heart rate, time, distance, pace, and connecting to a computer to map your route. It also comes with Bluetooth and a color touch screen. But there’s a lot out there, so make sure to compare to other reputable brands like Soleus and TomTom before buying so you get exactly what you want.




Nike+ shoes come with a sensor underneath the insole, and the App works with your iPhone or Android. This way you can track your miles, pace and distance without having to wear a watch. GPS watches can be irritating on sensitive skin and leave a really sweet tan mark.


3.Nike FuelBand

The Nike FuelBand is a more sleek-looking GPS watch that’s lightweight, loose-fitting, and not as bulky as other watches. It’s easier to take off, it can track calories burned, miles, and pace, and is synced to your smartphone.


4.Bare Access by Merrell

Barefoot style running and high-tech gear sound contradicting, but they’re not. With these minimal shoes by Merrell, you can still feel the terrain under your feet and stay dry in winter and on rainy days. They’re lightweight, but still warm and durable.


Shaped like your inner ear, these earbuds are designed to stay in your head when you’re bounding through the woods, and the sound quality is great. They’re also sweat and water resistant, and have a wire clip so they don’t get tangled. But because the acoustics are so good, keep Metallica turned down a little so you don’t damage your hearing.


6.Pear Square One

Pear is a running tech company that offers all-encompassing gadgets and Apps that go surprisingly unnoticed by a lot of runners. It comes with a foot pod to track your distance, miles, and calories burned. You get a heart rate monitor and a small, lightweight iPod with Pear headphones. You can also download race and weight loss plans from pro athletes. Now it just needs a portable vending machine for a mid-run snack. I think this will be the next thing to sweep the running community—but not off their feet.