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7 Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Not Know

You’re probably familiar with Control + S and Control + Alt + Delete, but there are a hundred more shortcuts that you could be using. They only save a second or two at a time, but—as anyone who had a piggy bank knows—it all adds up. Here are seven more keyboard shortcuts that are worth remembering.


Delete a word at a time:
PC: Control + Backspace
Mac: Option + Delete

-1 Word at a Time


Select everything:
PC: Control + A
Mac: Command + A

Everything at a Time

Select one word at a time:
PC: Control + Shift + Left or Right
Mac: Option + Shift + Left or Right

1 at a time

Select a Block of Text
PC: Control + Shift + Up or Down
Mac: Command + Shift + Up or Down

from here down + up

Open a New Browser Tab
PC: Control + T
Mac: Command + T

Close current browser tab
PC: Control + W
Mac: Command + W

Reopen last closed browser window
PC: Control + Shift + T
Mac: Command + Shift + T


And, of course, the most important keyboard shortcut of them all:

[Alt + 0304] + spacebar + forward slash + underscore + left parentheses + [Alt + 30C4] + right parentheses + underscore + back slash + spacebar + [Alt + 0304]


Do you have any favorite keyboard shortcuts? Let us know in the comments!

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