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Dan Moshe will help empower you and your team with his engaging style.


Dan Moshe is the CEO of Tech Guru, a Minneapolis technology solutions provider serving small businesses and non-profits. Dan founded Tech Guru in 2004 as a new and much-needed approach to IT services — technologists as caring, attentive and trusted advisors. Today, Tech Guru helps boost the bottom line of its diverse client roster with forward-thinking IT solutions delivered with unparalleled efficiency and care. Beyond Tech Guru, Dan is actively involved with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Accelerator Program. Dan welcomes questions on business growth strategies, especially those that tap into Google Apps, the cloud, and other powerful technology tools. Learn More» 

Technology Speaking


  • Be More Productive with Google Apps
  • The Bring Your Own Device Revolution
  • Evernote Note-Taking App
  • The Best Task Management Apps
  • Staying Secure Online
  • The Must-Have Apps for Sales
  • Maximizing Productivity with Gmail
  • Dropbox: Your Files. Everywhere.
  • QuickBooks: Know Your Numbers
  • Freshbooks: Streamline Your Accounting
  • Automating Data Collection with Easy-to-Use Web Forms
  • Is your Business on Google Places and Similar Sites?
  • The Business Value of the Cloud
  • Mobile Device Security: How to Keep your Tablet & Smart Phone Secure

Business Speaking

  • Simple Ways to Improve Business Finances
  • Unshackle Your Cash: Using Technology to Get Paid Faster
  • People: hiring, alignment
  • Business Strategy
  • Tech Guru’s Proven Six Pronged Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • How We’ve Self-Implemented The Entrepreneurial Operating System®
  • Improving Close Rate Utilizing a B2B Sales Process
  • The Care & Feeding of Your Technology Strategy To Drive Business Results
  • Business Automation
  • Outsourcing on the Web

Dan has Spoken at…

  • Start-up Twin Cities
  • Minnesota Council for Non-Profits’ Non-Profit Technology & Communication Conference
  • Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce B2B Group
  • MAP for Non-Profits
  • Autotask Community Live

“Your passion for running an ethical technology company is completely evident and commendable.  Not only were you personable and engaging, you were able to thoughtfully and articulately answer any and all questions presented to you.  Thank you for what you do not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a caring member of the community.”

Leah Wing
Inclusion and Accessibility Coordinator
St. Paul JCC


Training & Coaching

Get the most out of your technology and accomplish more in less time with one-on-one coaching. With Executive Productivity Coaching, you can learn how to take advantage of time-saving apps for business, be more productive on the go, and take more advantage of those little pockets of time between meetings and appointments.

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Achieve Your Technology Goals:

  • Get organized
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Go paperless
  • Be productive Anywhere
  • Be more efficient
  • Automate workflows
  • Manage & share music & photos
  • Enhance web marketing
  • Streamline sales & presentations
  • Maximize social media presence

Simple Topics Include:

  • Tablet & smartphone apps
  • Microsoft Office apps
  • Google Apps
  • Customer relationship management apps
  • Cloud apps
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Email management
  • Cloud apps
  • Finance apps
  • Task management
  • Note taking


The EOS® System and How We Use It

The EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, has been a substantial contributing factor to Tech Guru’s success and exponential growth within the past few years.
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An Inc. 5000 Company

Tech Guru was featured as one of America's Fastest-Growing Companies in 2017 and 2018.
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