Orange is the New Black

And email is SO last year.

Gone are the wasted, non-productive minutes and hours of meandering through email threads trying to decipher who is to do what next and when.  Who’s on first?!


Toggling back and forth between email, calendar and tasks are a thing of the past.  Do Crocs ring a bell?  Let them go.

Enter, Asana.

Beautifully, this web and mobile-enabled app has synced our team by streamlining communication, viewing co-worker calendars and assigning tasks and due dates all in one organized location.  Asana makes it even easier by integrating with Dropbox, HipChat, Google Drive, Wufoo, Mailchimp, WordPress and many more. Multiple projects are always organized, on-task and easily accessible by all team members.  When our clients are needing to check on the status of a project, any team member can easily access and immediately report on progress, timeline and assigned team member. Why is this so important to us?  Because we care about your business as much as you do.

Screenshot at Jul 06 12-59-52

The selling point for Tech Guru:  The accolades of a rainbow unicorn streaking across your mobile device every time you click Task Completed.   And, every hip 2015’er knows that rainbow unicorns are the new Atta Boy!