What To Do When… When Your Phone Starts Slowing Down


All phones slow down over time. They don’t load as fast, and you think, ‘is it time to upgrade already?’ Some phones slow down more quickly than others, some even within a few weeks or months of using them. But there are things you can do to get yours running a little faster.

1. Delete all the Apps you’re not using

Go through get rid of whatever you don’t use. Clean house, especially since some Apps are totally useless. Paint Cat is one that you can probably toss out. Your photos don’t need more cat. No. They don’t.

2. Clean out your storage space

Again, you may not think 200 pictures of your cat licking her paw adorably is excessive, but cutting back could help your phone pick up speed a little better. Delete pictures you don’t want anymore, or you could store them all on Google Photos.

3. Clear your cache

Non-techies might not know this word. It sounds fancy, and while it is French, it’s not complicated. It’s just a way for your device to store information and access it more quickly. However, it takes up space and can prevent pages from loading. You can clear your cache by going into the Application Manager.

4. Restarting could be a simple solution

Sometimes I run slowly, and I need a nap to reboot. It’s the same with smartphones. Sometimes they just need to be restarted. Let it take a brief nap so it can get back on track.

5. You have the option to factory reset

This will clear all data and erase everything from the time you started using your phone. You can do this by going into Settings and Privacy and choosing Factory Data Reset. It will be like the day you brought it home.

6. Get a new phone

If it’s been a year or two, then it’s just time to upgrade. That’s okay, though, because getting the latest technology is always fun, and it’s great to see what new features are being added to make Smartphones even better.