Tech Guru Brings Affordable Cloud Computing to Minnesota Small Businesses

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Once upon a time (as in merely a month ago) only large Minnesota companies could afford the convenience and efficiency of cloud-hosted applications and desktops. The technology’s high cost simply made it out of reach for Minnesota’s small businesses — until now. Tech Guru is partnering with Ngenx, a leading cloud services provider of hosted applications and desktops, to bring affordable cloud computing to Minnesota’s vibrant small business community. 

“Tech Guru’s exclusive relationship with Ngenx enables us to help Minnesota businesses of any size move to the cloud,” says Tech Guru CEO Dan Moshe. “For companies who want increase productivity, network security and profitability, cloud computing is key. We’re thrilled to bring this forward-looking technology solution to our clients at such a reasonable, affordable cost.”

Tech Guru can now quickly and easily transform the way their clients interact with customers and employees by giving them the freedom to access any app in the cloud. “We’re able to provide our clients with this advanced piece of technology on a monthly basis at a cost that’s very comparable to the cost of managing and maintaining their own internal backup,” Moshe explains. “We’ve already begun rolling out our full suite of cloud service with existing clients, and we’re eager to bring unparalleled cloud solutions to more Minnesota small businesses.” 

Founded in 2000, nGenx is a pioneer of “Desktop as a Service” (DaaS) and cloud-based application delivery. nGenx works with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Citrix and Intuit to develop hosted IT applications provided via the cloud. Through its cutting-edge technology, nGenx enables organizations to access their business applications on any device, anywhere business may be conducted. 

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Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!