Why Tech Guru is the Most Trusted Name in Minneapolis IT Support

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There’s a reason Tech Guru is the most trusted name in IT support in Minneapolis.  Why Tech Guru?

Because Nobody Cares as Much as We Do

We’ve aligned our vision, mission, systems, and values around caring.  Caring about your business, your data, your security, your success, and you.  Like any critical business function, your technology needs regular feeding and watering.  We do this work behind the scenes, often without you even noticing, so that the systems you rely on are responsive and reliable.

Because Nobody Cares as Much About Your Business

We become completely vested in the success of your organization.  We implement systems to increase productivity and eliminate downtime.  We regularly go above and beyond to deliver the solutions a client needs when they need them.

Because Nobody Cares as Much About Your Data

Your business data is priceless and we treat it as such.  We don’t consider it safe unless its backed-up.  We don’t consider it backed-up unless we are performing test restores.  We know we’re doing a good job when you have complete peace of mind about your data. 

Because Nobody Cares as Much About Your Security

We take security seriously.  Nobody wants their private data to be accessed by unauthorized individuals.  That’s why one of the first steps we take is securing your environment and aligning security access with your requirements.

Because Nobody Cares as Much About Your Success

We take the time to understand how you define success and build, implement, and support technology systems to help you get there.

Because Nobody Cares as Much About You

There are many ways to do technology.  But there is only one way that is in your best interest.  We focus on educating and empowering you and your people to make sound business/technology decisions.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!