How to Improve Personal Caring Potential



Tech Guru is founded on the platform of caring. It’s our first core value, and also how I live my life. If I take care of myself, I increase my capacity to care for others, which enables them to care for the people in their lives. This is how strive to change the world.

The first step in increasing my caring potential is focusing on these four elements of well-being:

  • Physical —I love Cross-Fit for burning off stress and steam, I do Yoga to stay flexible and relaxed, I eat as healthy as I can, though it’s tough when I’m on the run, and I get plenty of sleep. It keeps me energized, positive, and focused all day.

  • Social—I plan to spend one or two nights a week hanging out or doing something fun with pals. I have a group text with my friends, and whenever someone wants to hang out, we just send a message.

  • Emotional—Yeah, it sounds mushy, but I’ve found that understanding emotions and talking about them has made a positive impact in my relationships. It can be so easy to project how I feel onto somebody else, which blinds me to what’s really going on. But when I’m aware of my feelings, I’m much more empathetic and a much better communicator.

  • Intellectual—I read books, attend conferences, and work with other entrepreneurs to increase my knowledge and and stay sharp. Staying sharp means being the best at what I do and improving myself.

Now that my caring potential is maximized, I have the ability to take care of those around me. I challenge you to work on your caring capacity using these elements, and check out our next blog post about how to care for others.