Tech Guru’s New Core Values


We exist because we care. Now, Micah and Dan went out to dinner one night to talk about core values. (Oh yes, they did). Together, Tech Guru’s values spelled out CAR. They thought, “All we need is an E, and we’ve got CARE.” And on that night, Empathy was born. So our official core values at Tech Guru are:

Caring—we genuinely want you to see your vision come alive

We don’t treat you like just another customer. We treat you like family, and we go beyond what’s expected of an IT company. We anticipate technology problems before they arise so that we can put a stop to it and you can keep doing your job, uninterrupted.

Accountability—we take ownership of your technology

We take complete responsibility for making sure that anything with lights and buttons is working well and is secure. When technological malfunctions upset the workday, we resolve it as quickly as possible to minimize downtime and ensure that the issue doesn’t come back. We are in the technology seat on your organizational chart, and we take that very seriously.

Responsiveness—we are there for you even if you don’t realize it

Business first, technology second. We support and enable your vision, and it just so happens that the tools we use are technology tools. We stay current with changing trends in new technology so we can bring you the best of what’s out there. We also monitor what’s going on in the economy so we can help your business adapt to modern changes.

Empathy—we listen and understand before we solve the problem

Technology can be frustrating. That’s why we’re patient, helpful, and friendly. We listen first and tinker with gadgets second because having an advocate that you can trust makes all the difference. We also know that technology can be complicated, which is why we provide hands-on, personal training whenever we have new applications. We take the time to explain things in plain English instead of Geek-speak.

So that’s our CARE philosophy. Stay tuned-in to our blog for more posts about each one of these values. We establish trust relationship with each client because our vision is furthering yours.