Minneapolis IT Service by the Dashboard Lights

The most responsive tech company in Minneapolis didn’t get that way by accident.  Much like Tech Guru’s Autotask “report card,” based on responses from customers, the company discovered a tool that provides at-a-glance overviews for team performance.  Before Tech Guru encountered Dashboards for Autotask, the company was already committed to providing customers with the best, most timely service possible.  With Dashboards, it turns out, even greater things are possible.

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Measuring Speed in Service

Dashboards for Autotask enables Tech Guru founder and CEO Dan Moshe to build a more efficient team.  Dan explains how they were held back in the past.  “For years, we had questions that we simply could not answer about our operations.  We are not database people and reporting flusters us so unfortunately, our valuable data was shackled-up in the Autotask database.”

Dashboards allows users to keep a finger on the pulse of service.  It gives metrics on how long it took to respond to a service request and the number of tickets being generated for resolution – also called the backlog.  There’s only one direction you want your backlog number to go, and that’s down.

Peak Planning

Dashboard provides Tech Guru the tools to identify trends and potential problems before they affect customers.  Dan gives an example.  “We need to have internal strategic planning meetings, and those need to happen at a time that is off-peak.  With Dashboard, we know statistically the hours of the day during the week when we can have meetings.”  Additionally, vacation planning for employees is made simpler, because Tech Guru knows historically and statistically when they get busy.

Dan Moshe appreciates Dashboard’s impact on one of Tech Guru’s main goals: “Your IT should be responsive,” Dan says.  “Dashboard helps us ensure consistency in that goal and be responsive in a fact-based way.”

Dashboard Lights the Way

Dan and his team are grateful to have encountered Autotask dashboards.  “These Dashboards provide us valuable insights that will undoubtedly lead to improved service delivery, through better capacity management, leading to happier clients and stronger profits.”

Interested in seeing what a Dashboard-inspired IT company can do for you?  Contact Tech Guru and find out what service excellence looks like!

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!