Quarterly Client Newsletter – October Edition (2023)

Well, summer is over, and fall is well underway. For some, this was evidenced by the extension season revving up to full force, and for others it was saying goodbye to the kids as they go off to school. Whichever category you fall into, we certainly hope you had an excellent summer. 

I have always thought the fourth quarter was the most exciting of every year. Sure, it has its ups and downs and is filled with additional stress.  It’s hard enough to manage the rigors of running a business—struggling to close those last few sales, spend that last bit of budget so it gets on the books this fiscal year, forecast and plan for the next year, and so on. Now sprinkle in the stress of Halloween costumes, which family members are invited to Thanksgiving dinner, meal planning (my personal favorite), gift shopping, decorating, etc. WHERE DOES IT END? 

Well, the good news is… it’s just one quarter… every year. Honestly, it could be worse. It could be tax season 😉. This time around, I think we will have a little fun with our newsletter. I have asked each of our staff members to open up a little bit and share a tip for going into the holiday season. We still want to give you an update on everything going on here at Tech Guru, but we want to have a little fun doing it.  I have no doubt that some of us will utilize the expertise of ChatGPT® to help us out with some good holiday puns, but that is part of the fun. Honestly, if you think getting a bunch of IT professionals to write something informative AND entertaining is easy, I encourage you to try it with accountants. We are cut from similar cloths, and you know it. 😃 

As usual, keep reading to get caught up on all the updates from the different departments. 

Utilizing Global Talent 

We, at Tech Guru, are dedicated to offering top-notch services to all our clients. In line with this, we’ve added some new members to the Tech Guru service team. Jarrod, in his upcoming section, will provide further introductions to these new faces. 

A few of these recent additions are based outside the United States. We understand the significance of transparency and the potential concerns you might have. Rest assured; we’ve taken stringent measures to ensure that these new members align with any regulations applicable to your accounting firm. 

However, should you have any queries or concerns about this, your Client Advocate and I are here to assist. 

Partner Spotlight  

This year has been an exciting journey for us at Tech Guru. Among other endeavors, we attended the “Scaling New Heights” conference in July, resulting in the inception of some invaluable partnerships. A brief highlight of a couple: 

Paro.ai – For many in the accounting realm, staff shortage is a growing concern. Paro provides a refreshing solution. Offering staff augmentation services exclusively for accounting firms, Paro ensures you have skilled personnel at your beck and call, whether it’s for short-term tasks, long-term engagements, or specific projects. A key highlight? All their candidates are based in the US. 

KeeperApp – The month-end close can often be an uphill task for many. KeeperApp steps in here, ensuring a seamless, efficient process, thereby enhancing your service delivery. 

Uncat – The age-old challenge in accounting? Unclassified transactions, or as many jestingly term it, “herding cats.” Uncat is here to simplify this, ensuring you spend less time chasing down these elusive entries. 

David’s holiday season tip  

The holiday season radiates a warmth that transcends typical business interactions, fostering a backdrop of thankfulness and generosity. This ambiance promotes genuine and meaningful networking. In this season, when gratitude is expressed, it often finds a mutual resonance, leading to deeper and more sincere connections. This contrasts the frequent transactional nature of B2B relationships, spotlighting the human ties that underlie business success. 

The holidays encourage a focus on nurturing relationships over immediate gains. By emphasizing relationships, one paves the way for future collaboration. Offering insights or assistance without expecting immediate returns can initiate long-lasting business ties. Even simple gestures, like personalized thank-you notes or festive greetings, can solidify mutual respect and trust. In essence, the holiday spirit, rich with giving and gratitude, can reshape traditional B2B interactions into enduring partnerships rooted in shared values and authenticity. 

Elevating Our Game: A Milestone in Accounting & Invoicing! 🚀 

I want to take a moment to give a shoutout to our Accounting and Sales departments! Their consistent dedication has refined our accounting & invoicing systems. As October transitions to November, we’re pleased to provide enhanced accuracy, improved efficiency, and timely service. 

A heads-up as we ride this wave of progress: Starting January 2024, there will be a modest 2.95% processing surcharge on credit card payments made through our billing portal. It’s a small step to ensure we maintain the quality you’ve come to expect from us. 

We do, however, have an alternative—Opting in for ACH autopayments means enjoying a seamless payment experience with absolutely zero surcharges. Get in touch with your dedicated Client Advocate here at Tech Guru (or drop a line to invoices@techguruit.com) and we’ll have an authorization email heading your way in no time. 

There’s Just One Thing on My Holiday Wish List 🚗 

Each year, I manage to run across the same Mercedes Christmas advertisement. You’ve likely seen it – Santa looking like a bad a$$, making his rounds in that shiny new AMG. Every time I watch it, a wave of nostalgia hits, reminding me of childhood dreams and wishes. Admittedly, as I get older, I probably wonder how much he enjoys driving that car in the snow, but I still long for that new ride in my garage. In fact, the only thing I would change is the car. I’d have a shiny new Audi RS5 instead of the Merc, but hey, no judgement here. 

Joe asked me to share my holiday wish list for this newsletter, and instantly, that Audi RS5 zoomed into my thoughts, leaving all other desires in its dust. Sure, I could share links to the dozen or so Air Jordans that I’ve been pining over. But, I suspect that the allure of the RS5 might resonate more with our accounting peers who, much like me, relish the thrill of a new car and appreciate the practicality of one you can still load your golf clubs into. 

If my holiday wish list strikes a chord with you, or if you need a new pair of Jordan low golf shoes in a size 9, I’d be thrilled to hear about it. Maybe we can chat about it during our next quarterly planning session. Until then, may your holidays be filled with dreams, fast cars, family time, great food and fun! 🚗⛳🌟 

The Modern Accountant Podcast: Tune In! 

It’s an exciting time for all of us here as ‘The Modern Accountant Podcast’ has been making waves in the accounting industry. If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to tune in and let me know what you think. We’ve been having a lot of fun with the addition of our new co-host and the plethora of guests who have joined us. 

A hearty shout-out to Erin Andrews for jumping in and adding “the voice of the accountant” to our production. We’ve got a lined-up roster of guests to carry us through the new year. 

🎙 New episodes drop bi-weekly on all popular listening platforms. 

Interested in being a guest? If you’ve got insightful views on technology for accountants, we’d love to hear from you. Pitch us at podcast@techguruit.com

Cloud Hosting: The Next Big Shift 

Signature Cloud Hosting: Our Signature Cloud Hosting has received an overwhelming response this year with 20% of our clientele making the shift. By the time you’re reading this, our migration slots for the year might be full. 

  • For accounting firms without tax season constraints, let’s get your migration sorted in Q1 of 2024. 
  • Post-tax season migrations can be comfortably scheduled for May. 

The Sunset of Legacy Private Cloud Hosting: Mark your calendars for December 31, 2025. This is when Tech Guru will officially phase out collocated server hosting services, making way for our Signature Cloud Hosting platform. This transition is aimed at offering enhanced redundancies, scalability, and adaptability for your business operations. 

  •  Curious? Your Client Advocate can provide in-depth details about our new solutions and help you chalk out your migration plan. 
  • Considering web-based solutions? We’re here to guide you through the options, helping you reduce or even eliminate the need for a physical server. 

Thanksgiving With a Twist 

The festivities are around the corner, and it’s my year to don the chef’s hat for Thanksgiving! Now, those who know my family are aware that we’re not the typical turkey or ham folks. It’s been 17 adventurous years with my wife, where traditions took a backseat, but the essence of togetherness remained intact. 

Here’s a sneak peek into my unconventional Thanksgiving spread: 

My day begins at 3:00 AM by firing up the smoker to begin work on my Texas-style smoked brisket à la Aaron Franklin of Franklin’s Barbeque in Austin, TX.

Also on the table:  

Our doors are open, and trust me, no soul departs with an empty stomach. Although, I must confess, I’m a tad possessive about my leftovers! 

The Team Grows! 

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you all – our service team is going global! We have expanded our horizons to bring on board exceptional talents from around the world. This significant step forward enables us to enhance our services and technical support to meet the ever-evolving needs of our valued clients. We are now actively collaborating with talent partners in Latin America and South Africa to harness the vast expertise of technology professionals on a global scale. 

New Employee Spotlight 

We believe that the strength of any team lies in the talents and dedication of its members. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to the latest additions to our Tech Guru family:  

Pablo Lopez – Service Guru  

Pablo Lopez has recently joined our Service team as a Service Guru. With his extensive background in supporting clients with Microsoft applications and Intuit products, Pablo has quickly made his mark by efficiently resolving tickets and ensuring our clients’ systems remain up and running. His wealth of experience and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable addition to our service team.  

Christo van Zyl – Service Guru  

Christo van Zyl, another recent addition to our Service team, brings with him years of experience supporting a diverse range of technologies. In addition to his technical expertise, Christo has also spent a significant portion of his professional career in technology education. His passion for technology and dedication to customer service align perfectly with our values, making him a fantastic fit for the Tech Guru team.  

Gonzalo Guillen – Onboarding Guru  

Gonzalo Guillen has joined our engineering team as an Onboarding Technician. His responsibilities include working on onboarding and reboarding projects, as well as providing vital support during migrations and other project-related work. Gonzalo’s extensive experience in customer support during migrations and network installations/refreshes makes him an indispensable asset to our engineering team. 

Sunshine Guillermo – Marketing Guru

Sunshine Guillermo, our newest member serving as Marketing Admin. Her journey to Tech Guru is as unique as it is entertaining. She once humorously confessed, “I’ve always had a thing for technology.” It seems her fascination with the tech world has led her here.

Sunshine plays a vital role at Tech Guru, where her marketing skills and her flair for visual storytelling make her an invaluable asset for creating content that truly connects and resonates with Tech Guru’s audience.

Welcome to Our Weird Little Family!

We’re delighted to welcome these talented individuals into the Tech Guru family and are confident that their expertise and commitment will help us continue to excel in providing top-notch service to our clients. 

As we continue to grow and expand our global presence, our commitment to delivering excellence in technology services remains unwavering. We appreciate your ongoing support, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities this expansion brings to our Tech Guru community. 

Jarrod’s Tip for a Successful Holiday

The holiday season? Yep, it’s buzzing with festive vibes and family reunions. But let’s be real; for some, it can also mean a pinch of stress – thanks to budgeting woes, packed calendars, or the usual family antics. 

Navigating the holidays requires a good mix of fun and pragmatism. It’s smart to be conscious of our mental and physical state. Feeling the pressure? Take a step back, maybe strategize your spending, or just carve out some downtime. 

Remember, holidays are for unwinding and making memories, but a little self-care doesn’t hurt. Stay sharp and make the most of the festive chaos! 

🔒 Exploring the Future of Security with SASE Solutions 

We are always looking for ways to improve our security offerings. Currently, we’re evaluating a variety of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions. Some of the frontrunners in our assessment include NordLayer, Todyl, and TailScale. These solutions show promising potential, and if all goes well, we’re excited to potentially integrate one of these solutions into our services in 2024. This is especially if we find a solution tailor-made for our accountants. 

But what is SASE and why is it a game changer? 

As Joe highlighted in our recent blog post titled “The True Cost of a Data Breach”, SASE (pronounced “sassy”) is an innovative approach that merges networking with protection. This synergy ensures businesses can operate safely from virtually anywhere, with a keen focus on cloud operations. Essentially, SASE acts as a comprehensive security system that guarantees only authorized individuals have access to specific data—no matter their location. 

🔄 Making Backups and Recovery More Efficient with BDR 

While Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) isn’t the most exhilarating topic, it’s undeniably crucial. We’re currently exploring new solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS) backups and server backups. Our objective? Find a backup solution that rivals our current system in reliability, accelerates recovery time, and possibly offers end-user accessibility. 

Nobody enjoys contacting tech support to recover a misplaced file or sifting through lengthy backup reports. With this in mind, our aim for 2024 is to make the entire process more streamlined and user-friendly. 

🦃 Tips for the Juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey 

The secret to a succulent turkey? Spatchcocking! By butterflying your bird, you not only ensure a juicy outcome but also drastically reduce the cooking time. In my household, we usually opt for two roughly 14lbs turkeys. Employing the spatchcocking method, each turkey perfectly roasts in just 90 minutes! One goes into the oven for the main course, while the second ensures we’re stocked up with delightful leftovers (because let’s face it, we’re all turkey enthusiasts!). 

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