Tech Guru Core Value #3: We Persist

Tech Guru Core Values

  1. We Care
  2. We Collaborate
  3. We Persist
  4. We Are Accountable

If you’ve already done business with Tech Guru, you’ve seen firsthand how our four core values are the touchstone for how we serve our clients. Today we’re highlighting our third core value: We Persist.

Why “We Persist”

All of our core values are vitally important to the way we do business, but our unwavering commitment to persistence is truly baked into our DNA via CEO Dan Moshe. When Dan was just 14 years old, one of his teachers paid for him to attend a summer science camp where he learned how to build a computer. Dan, ever the entrepreneur, wanted to leverage that into finding a summer job. “Every single day for weeks, I rode my bike to this small IT business in town and asked if I could talk to someone about helping them people with their technology. I went again and again,” Dan recalls. “Finally the service manager met with me and offered me a job starting that afternoon. It never occurred to me to not persist at getting that job. That was a huge, early lesson in the power of persistence.”

Examples of “We Persist” in Action

We Keep On When Others Quit: We recently worked with a client whose web designer had gone AWOL — taking with her all of the information and access codes for renewing this client’s about-to-expire domain name. This was a CPA, and it was tax season. An expired domain would be a huge nightmare. It took us a month of relentless trying, but we finally figured out how to get the domain name transferred for our client. Now this company can rest easy.  

We Find a Way, No Matter What: A new client wanted to start doing email in the cloud for both cost-savings and efficiency, but they had an insufficient Internet connection. Several national Internet service providers had told this client that it simply wasn’t possible to strengthen their Internet connection without spending a ridiculous amount of money. (One ISP told them it would cost $100,000!) We interceded on behalf of this client and kept asking questions till we found a reasonable, affordable solution. The “unsolvable” dilema was solved, and our client was thrilled. 

What “We Persist” Means for You

Tech Guru is a partner who will partner. “This is so simple, but it’s a key differentiator for us,” Dan says. “We never leave our clients high and dry, and often we’re saving the day when a client’s previous vendors haven’t been able to get the job done. There’s always a solution — and we will not quit till we’ve found it.” 

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!