The Coolest Smartphone Car Charger Out There

Wires are so ten years ago.  Treat yourself to this nifty new car charger and never get tangled up while driving again.


How Cool Can a Car Charger Be?

The Air Dock might be the world’s best smartphone car charger. Here’s why: Instead of using a cord to charge your phone, the Air Dock uses a wireless mount.  Stick your phone against the face of the charger, which is covered in micro-suction foam. The suctions, along with some strategically placed magnets, hold your phone in place while it charges.

Here’s the Cooler Part…

The Air Dock is mounted in a convenient location in your car. So you can keep your eyes on the road and still have access to your phone’s navigational system. You can easily change the tunes that are playing. And if you have kids in the car, they can watch videos, but without the hassle of cords connected to your phone.

The Air Dock is so functional that it was brought to life through an Indiegogo program that raised over $148,000, which was 248 percent of the $60,000 goal.

Any of the following phones are compatible with the Air Dock:

  • iPhone 5, 5s, 4, and 4s (all with a wireless charging case)
  • Nexus 5, 4, and 7
  • Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 3, and some Note 2 phones (all Galaxy devices require an add-on of a wireless charging receiver).

Get your Air Dock here:

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