Virtual Solutions Expand More than Mailboxes

As National Wind’s explosive growth leveled off, they found Tech Guru to be the ideal partner to make their IT systems more efficient.


  • Project files were disorganized and spread across multiple platforms
  • Financial information needed to be shared easily across the globe
  • Email hosting platform had become out of date and was no longer cost-effective

IT Services Utilized by National Wind™

The Solution

Dropbox for Business

  • Dropbox provides global access to files and is a backup system at the same time
  • We deployed the application, provisioned the services, and provided user training
  • Now that all files are on Dropbox, it is easy to restore deleted files and previous versions without IT involvement
  • Computer failures are no longer a time-consuming problem because it takes minutes to setup Dropbox on a new computer

Virtual Cloud Server

  • Business applications are shared between accounting departments in Minnesota and on the other side of the world in real time
  • The server is backed-up nightly and is in a completely redundant, fault-tolerant hosting environment
  • Access to business applications is faster than ever because of the world-class facility it is hosted in

Hosted Exchange 2010

  • We performed a behind-the-scenes migration for all users to Exchange 2010
  • Every user now gets a 25GB mailbox
  • In addition to enjoying a better webmail experience and faster access, our client is
  • saving 65% on their monthly invoice