Organization Sets Landscapers Free

Topo, a rapidly-growing Minneapolis landscape design & build group, chose Tech Guru to enable team productivity anywhere, anytime — all while cutting costs and improving support.


Before Tech Guru, Topo employees had files scattered all over flash drives, servers, and different computers. Now everything is centralized and simplified.


Simplification led to faster and easier communication. With documents better organized, the latest versions are more readily accessible thus providing faster turn-around times to demanding clients.


Client communication have improved as well. Travelling to a jobsite no longer means losing touch with other clients. Employees travel knowing they could deal with any client problem quickly and from anywhere.


When technology problems do arise, the Tech Guru support system is simple and fluid. The path to issue resolution is quick and painless utilizing Tech Guru’s client portal.


With file management improvements, elimination of Topo’s servers, and improved mobility, Tech Guru helps the Topo team cut costs and be more productive in ways leadership hadn’t even considered.