Top 8 Ways Facial Recognition Software is Being Used Today


Hey YOU! I know you from the internet.

As long as your face is somewhere on the web, Facial Recognition Software can find it, analyze it, and store the information. A lot of industries and organizations use it, some you’re probably aware of, and some you’re probably not. Here are eight ways that Facial Recognition Software is being used today.

1.Casinos use it to help addictive gamblers

They can track them, identify them on the web, and let them know how often they’re going to the casino. They claim they use it to help the addicts, but tracking those pesky card counters would come to no surprise.

2.Dating sites match people with the same facial features

Dating site uses the theory that people are most attracted to those that look like them. The only problem I foresee here is that I might end up with my cousins. anyone? Similarly, Doggleganger can also match you up with a DOG that looks like you based on the stereotype that people tend to look like their pets.

3.Law enforcement and security use it to track down criminals

This one comes as no surprise. The FBI and Homeland Security have been able to use this for a long time to identify threats. They’ve been known to snoop on crowds at sporting events and other places, so be good out there.

4.Social Media can tag people automatically

Facebook and its 140 billion photos of 600 million users uses Facial Recognition to identify everyone. There was initially a huge backlash on the default tag settings, and there were quite a few complaints about privacy. But you do have the option to not be tagged automatically if you don’t want to. Stay tuned for further posts about protecting your privacy on Facebook.

5.Credit card companies will allow you to shop with your face

MasterCard is about to drive Apple Pay into retirement along with checks and bartering. The company is researching ways to let their customers pay for things using a selfie, which prevents fraud and identity theft, and you don’t have to remember passwords or put your credit card information on the web. Gotta have that Samurai sword you saw on TV? Get out your selfie stick and say cheese!

6.Upscale hotels greet guests upon arrival

Bellhops are really going for the tips trying to make every guest feel extra special. Everyone’s a celebrity! As long as you’re not totally off the grid, they’ll know your name by the time you get to the door.

7.Bars and restaurants pick out underage drinkers

Sorry kiddos, you used to have a fake ID, but it might be harder to get a fake face on the black market. Or you could be responsible and wait until you’re twenty-one, whichever you find easier.

8.Schools in the UK have started using it to take attendance

This has been going on in the UK for awhile, and will inevitably spread to other countries. Teachers can spend more time teaching and less time calling out names and searching through faces.

Now is the best time for good behavior because that photo snapped of you eating a Whopper after the animal rights convention is going up on Pinterest, and with Facial Recognition, Bambi is kicking you out of his fan club. The rest of us might think about putting on some aviators and a nice fake handlebar stache. Until they come out with Body Recognition Software.

Now it’s getting creepy.

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