Top Ten Reasons You’ll Love Google Apps for Business

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If you don’t already use Google Apps for Business, chances are you use Gmail.  If you love Gmail, you’ll love Google Apps.  We have been using Google Apps for about a year here at Tech Guru, and we love it.  
Note that Google Apps isn’t for everyone.  We still have plenty of clients on Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, and they continue to love it.  But we’ll save that for another post.
Here’s why you’ll love Google Apps:

1. Zippy Interface

You’ll enjoy super-fast response times and navigation, especially if you use Google’s Chrome browser.

2. Mobile Friendly

Google Apps plays great with all mobile devices, including iPhone and Android, and enables synchronizing multiple shared calendars with ease.  Because Google can emulate Microsoft Activesync synchronization technology, you can use your built-in calendar, contacts, and mail apps on your iPhone.

3. Search

Stop waiting for Outlook to search through your thousands of messages to find that one message.  And no need to file messages into folders.  Search is so fast and easy to get a hang of that you’ll find filing is no longer necessary.

4. Helpful Add-Ons

There are tons of plug-ins to integrate Gmail with social media, remind you to follow up on messages you sent, and even notify you when your messages have been opened.  This all adds up to a lot of time-saving and increased engagement with your contacts.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

You can perform all the core email functions by pressing just one key.  For example, “C” to compose a message and “E” to archive it.  “R” is reply and “F” is forward.  The shortcuts are quick to learn and save a lot of “mousing around”.  You can do all your email tasks while rarely taking your hands off your keyboard.

6. Integrated Chat

Chat in real-time with text or video with your team right within your inbox view.

7. Spam & Virus Protection

Arguably the world’s most effective spam & virus protection.

8. Highly Customizable

Get your email to follow your workflow instead of the other way around.

9. Calendar Sharing

While Exchange has had this feature forever, with Google Apps its even faster and you can share your calendar with people outside your organization.

10. Cost-Effective

At $5 per user per month, Google Apps is cost-effective and easily scalable.
Is Google Apps a fit for your organization?  Are you willing and ready to give up Microsoft Outlook?  While you can integrate Google Apps with Outlook, it tends not work quite as advertised.  We’ve found that using the Gmail interface is the best way to get the most out of Google Apps.
Find-out if Google Apps is right for your team.  Request a free Cloud Assessment.


Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!