CloudOn Enables Editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Docs On iPad

cloudon razorianfly icon

Clients have asked me again and again: “how do I edit my Microsoft Office docs on the go.”  Previously, my answer was that the iPad was just for viewing, and that there wasn’t a great app for editing.  With CloudOn, that is no longer the case.

I downloaded CloudOn to my iPad and connected it to my Dropbox account.  Within a few seconds, I opened and was editing a Word document.  Amazingly, the interface looks almost identical to Microsoft Word 2010.  

The one downside of this app that is mentioned in many of the reviews on the app store, is that it requires continuous internet connectivity to enable editing.

My only question/concern is how this app can be free and remain to be free.

Check-out Cloud-on for iPad and Android Tablets:


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