VIDEO! See What You Missed at the “Dropbox vs. Google Drive” Event

If you missed Tech Guru’s latest Lunch and Learn event on March 13, you haven’t completely missed the boat!  The sold-out match, hosted by referee Dan Moshe, illuminated the advantages, hiccups, and differences of two sources for cloud file-sharing.  Check out some highlights, photos, and the video of Dan’s seminar.

Don’t beat yourself up for missing the big fight.  Watch the video!

The Dropbox vs. Google Drive Winner is…

Dan laid out the various features of each in the categories of sharing, desktop experience, mobile, and security.  The clear choice for you may be the opposite for someone with different needs.

The comparison was summed up this way:

DROPBOX: simple, easy, minimalist
  • sync & send larger files
  • simple sharing
  • use familiar desktop apps
  • Migrate whole file server
GOOGLE DRIVE: more robust, but more complex
  • live collaborations
  • mobile and web editing
  • granular sharing
  • a little more complicated

“The winner is the one that’s best for your use.  At Tech Guru, we use them both!” says Dan.

Here’s a tip from attendee Tyler Olson at social media agency SMC Pros: Google significantly slashed prices on its storage plans to compete with Dropbox’s prices.

IMG 8530 resized 600

Above: Dan Moshe presents “Dropbox vs. Google Drive.”

IMG 8528 resized 600

Above: Lunch, catered by Chipotle.

IMG 8536 resized 600

Above: Tech Guru client Peter Seidman of large-format printing company Big Ink.

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Above: Dan answers questions after the presentation. 

There’s More to Learn!

If you can hardly wait to learn something new, reserve your seat at the next event.  Learn more about The Magic of Discovery: A New Approach to Sales.

Join presenter Evan Reminick for a Breakfast Learning Series event on Thursday, April 24.  In this unique seminar, Evan will engage the group as his “clients” to demonstrate the very discovery process he advises you to use. 

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!