A Busy Scheduler’s Dream: TimeTrade

At the most trusted tech support company in Minneapolis, VP of Operations Micah Thor juggles sales calls, IT consulting, speaking engagements, and advising Tech Guru’s clients as their Virtual CIO.  Micah’s busy, but he doesn’t sweat it or wing it.  Instead, he saves himself (and the people he’s meeting) plenty of time by scheduling appointments via TimeTrade.

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The End of Phone Tag

Rather than going back and forth with emails or voice messages about availability, Micah sends the prospect one email with an invitation to meet, including a link to view Micah’s calendar in real time.  The client then schedules a one-hour in-person meeting, a 30 minute call, a 15 minute call, or whatever the occasion calls for.  

After booking a time in Micah’s calendar, the client receives an email confirming the meeting along with a link to put the meeting in his or her own calendar.

What You’ll Find in Your Inbox:

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A Virtual Scheduling Assistant

Micah notes, “Coordinating my schedule would easily be 25% of an executive assistant’s job.  I’d prefer not to have to pay someone to do that.”  In the four months Micah has been using TimeTrade, “It’s been a huge help for me,” he says.

Especially for people in sales or executive roles that that require them to interact with those outside of their organization, TimeTrade can be an incredibly productive tool.  Soon after meeting a prospect or networking contact, you can send a canned response requesting a future connection in minutes.  Just like that, the task is off your plate.

Getting Started in TimeTrade

TimeTrade offers pricing plans for individuals, teams, enterprise, or retail.  There’s a free version that allows you to schedule five appointments a month, “But I blew through that in less than a week,” laughs Micah.  The professional pricing Micah now uses, at $49/per year, offers email branding with the Tech Guru logo.

Micah finds clients love the scheduling ease of TimeTrade, and will often comment on it.  “It’s a conversation piece, and helps position us as leaders in technology.”

To learn more about Tech Guru by scheduling a meeting with Micah – via TimeTrade, of course! – contact Tech Guru today for all your Minneapolis IT support needs.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!