Case Study: Hysjulien Accountants and Advisors

Minneapolis small business IT support company Tech Guru profiles client Hysjulien and Associates, LLC, an accounting and business advisory firm based out of Minnetonka.

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In the Assurance Business

“Our main goal is to provide assurance to our clients,” says Tracey Schilling-Hysjulien, Consultant and Special Projects Advisor at Hysjulien and Associates.  The firm, serving individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses, offers tax and accounting services, trust and estate services, payroll, and business advisory services.

In the advisory capacity, Hysjulien and Associates works with clients on the sale, purchase, or transition of a business, working with bankers and attorneys in addition to general advisory support.  Tracey explains what it means to give clients comfort and confidence in her firm’s capabilities.  “We’re there to stand beside them,” she says.

Tracey notes that the IRS now uses computers and scanners to generate audits, and as a result audit notices have increased exponentially.  Should a client receive an audit notice, “They can just email or fax it to us.  All we usually have to do is issue a response, and it’s taken care of.”

The Tech Side of Accounting

Tech Guru did a “big, big overhaul” on Hysjulien’s tech.  “We were in the cloud before it was a buzzword,” observes Tracey, “but our old IT company wasn’t really understanding what ‘the cloud’ meant.  They kept trying to tether us to the ground with servers and more equipment.”

Tech Guru CEO and founder Dan Moshe was one of Hysjulien’s clients, so they knew of Tech Guru.  “And we listen to Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current, where Tech Guru is one of the sponsors,” says Tracey.  VP of Operations Micah Thor “came to the Hysjulien office, got to know who we were, what we were about, what our goals were, how we want to serve our clients, and what would increase productivity and eliminate downtime.”

Tech Guru confirmed what the Hysjulien team suspected.  The office didn’t need new servers.  “In fact, we didn’t need servers at all,” says Tracey.  “They came up with an implementation plan and performed a seamless and spectacularly successful transition that didn’t interrupt workflow.”

The Beauty of a Remote IT Department

“Tech Guru has saved me hours and hours, and all it takes is a phone call to them,” says Tracey.  Hysjulien requires “this-second” responsiveness from January through April, and if issues cropped up someone would contact Tech Guru, they would remote in, “and the problem was fixed.”  Even with equipment such as their behemoth old copy machine, or mobile devices, or the company’s eFax provider, “I wasn’t sure if it was beyond the scope of what Tech Guru could do,” says Tracey, “but they said, ‘We’ll handle everything.'”

Tracey concludes on – what else? – a financial note.  “They’re a fantastic value.  I would highly recommend them.”

If you’d like to talk to a Hysjulien and Associates tax and accounting professional about what they can do for your or your company, contact them at 952-939-0910 or  “January is the perfect time to start getting taxes in order.  Call or email us to meet and see how a relationship with Hysjulien and Associates can benefit you and your business.”

And if you’re looking to get your organization situated in the cloud, you needn’t look further than Tech Guru.

Dan Moshe helps business owners in the Minneapolis area with all things tech, and is the CEO of the Caring IT company Tech Guru.  He cares about your business as much as you do!