Controlling Spam, Backups and Applications

The tax and accounting team at Haller, Haller & Associates sought a new server and backup that keeps spam at bay, synchronizes multiple devices and streamlines software support.


  • Old, failing server
  • Many versions of tax and accounting applications to maintain
  • Backup is failing
  • Lots of spam

The Solution

Cloud Hosted Exchange Reduces Spam Infiltration Significantly

  • Tech Guru performed a complete email migration and configured smartphones to connect to the service
  • Mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks are now synchronized between multiple devices.
  • Hosted spam service (included in Hosted Exchange) nearly eliminated spam
  • Outlook Web Access provides a near Outlook experience with access to the same information as the desktop version of Outlook

Cloud Backup Solution Makes Tapes a Thing of the Past

  • Tech Guru implemented a cloud backup system that is more secure than tapes
  • Deleted files are kept up to thirty days and up to seven versions of each file are retained
  • The cloud backup solution compliments their server that allows for quickly restoring deleted or overwritten files
  • Backups are monitored continuously for any failures by the Tech Guru service team

Application Management & Support Reduces Software Hassles

  • Tech Guru coordinates directly with Intuit (maker of Quickbooks) and Thomson Reuters (maker of UltraTax, tax preparation software) whenever there are new versions of their applications and rolls them out seamlessly to users
  • Tech Guru provides direct support for business applications so users never have to wonder who they should call when an issue arises
  • During regular technology business reviews, Tech Guru brings new ideas & recommendations to the table that can save time and money